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Washington Post (6/21/13)

Quiet Protest Staged at Teachers College Graduation

Some students staged a quiet protest at Columbia University Teachers College commencement ceremonies Tuesday in New York to express their unhappiness with the choice of Merryl Tisch as a speaker and award recipient.

The protesters opposed the choice of Tisch, chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents, because of her role in advancing the state’s education reform program, which centers around high-stakes testing and the expansion of charter schools.


Columbia Spectator (6/12/13)

In Letter, Teachers College Students Slam TC President Susan Fuhrman

Students are calling for greater transparency and more ethical decision-making from Teachers College administrators, in the wake of the TC’s faculty’s almost unanimous vote to reject the college’s proposed 2013-14 budget.

A group of students has written a letter highly cricital of TC President Susan Fuhrman, slamming her association with the for-profit company Pearson Education and lambasting her administration’s recent decision to honor a promoter of standardized testing. The students also denounce the “corporatization” of Teachers College and criticize the school’s lack of transparency in the face of tuition increases and large administrator bonuses.

In These Times (6/13/13)

Teachers College Students Urge President to Cut Ties With Pearson

Columbia University’s Teachers College, long esteemed as a premier institution for progressive pedagogy, is having an identity crisis. While majestic quotes from education philosopher John Dewey remain etched across the walls of the school’s Morningside Heights headquarters, his words ring increasingly hollow as Teachers College President Susan Fuhrman continues to serve on the board of—and hold 12,927 shares in—Pearson, the world’s largest educational resource corporation, which distributes everything from standardized tests and textbooks to teacher certification and curriculum programs. Arguing that this role hampers their ability to speak out against the disastrous policy of high-stakes testing, students at Teachers College began a campaign last month demanding that Fuhrman divest from Pearson.

WNYC Schoolbook (5/16/13)

Controversy Brews at Teachers College

It is a dark day when Teachers College, a venerable institution of learning, engages in actions that are contrary to the values it has upheld and nurtured for more than a century but that day has arrived.

Its founding vision was to train teachers to work effectively with the children of New York City’s poor by understanding and furthering the many ways that children are capable of learning. Individual differences were respected, cherished. The words progressive and humanitarian were embraced by Teachers College.

Columbia Spectator (5/10/13)

Teachers College Faculty Votes Not to Support Proposed 2013-2014 Budget

The Teachers College faculty rejected the 2013-14 budget proposed by the college’s administration Thursday, in a strong rebuke to TC President Susan Fuhrman’s management of the perennially cash-strapped school.

Nearly all of the 103 TC professors who attended a faculty meeting Thursday voted to express their disapproval of the budget. Of the faculty that voted, 101 voted in favor of a resolution to reject the proposed budged, one voted in opposition of the resolution, and one abstained from voting. The vote came after TC’s Faculty Executive Committee discovered that top administrators have been giving themselves bonuses from the college’s 2011-12 budget surplus.

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